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This project starts from a long way back. Discovering, learning and creating a brand that fully expresses the history, heritage, and cultural legacy of the finest Italian yarn. COLLIROSSI, a carefully crafted name and brand, will tell the story of a true passion for the best Italian quality.

the brief:

XOX, a leading Moscow-based company in the medium price socks segment, decides to launch a new brand in the luxury socks segment. To do this it needed four fundamental elements: 1) a brand and its positioning able to sustain the promise; 2) the experience to produce high level products; 3) the know-how; 4) the best tools on the market. In order to achieve his goals, he decided to rely on those in the sector who enjoy international fame and who are recognized as leaders: Italy. This is how the premium (premium) Socks ” project was born, which sees the birth of a brand that draws inspiration from the most classic Italian tradition but in fact addresses the most advanced suppliers for all the necessary elements. The highest quality will be evident thanks to the wise selection of the noblest natural fibers (Peruvian Pima cotton, Giza cotton, Scotch cotton, organic cotton, Japanese silk, cashmere) and precious fibers such as Baby Alpaca and Vicuña, as well as in the search for the most performing and fashionable yarns. The new brand will bring a new vision of hosiery to the international luxury market. The collections communicate the charm and inspiration of the Italian tradition, the know-how and taste for details typical of high craftsmanship, and innovative creativity, all incomparable in quality and performance thanks to unique technical skills and the use of the most advanced technology.aunch of a new brand of socks positioned in the luxury sector at international level with a clear reference and inspiration to the best Italian tradition. The firm has planned: – naming – brand identity – coordinated identity – packaging identity.


The development of the project through the Creative Path® and the Creative Rationalizer® led the client through the three conceptual areas considered most appropriate on the basis of the analysis of consumer research provided by the client and carried out in Italy and Russia. At the end of the path the solution that was chosen is the one that focuses on the heritage of the most ancient Italian artisan tradition made of passion, art and style. First of all the name COLLIROSSI, which recalls in an authoritative and elegant way (repetition of the word “recalls”) the name of an ancient Italian family while the symbol summarizes six different elements that represent the heart of the story and tell, in a harmonious composition, the path taken by the company to achieve exclusive products. Finally, the logo was created to provide a counterbalance that balances the richness of the symbol. It was therefore necessary an elegant font, essential and able to give the right weight of modernity and style. The result is a balanced and fascinating mix that recalls the charm and inspiration of the best Italian tradition in the world.