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Brand & Label redesign

Fiuggi, a historical brand, earning international recognition as one of the gems of Made in Italy. The project stems from the desire to reclaim the strength and authority that the water of Popes and Presidents rightfully deserves. It was a process of cleaning and rebalancing the brand codes - white, blue, and red - with the aim of bringing to light the original elegance and style of the ancient springs from which it flows.

the brief:

In 1549, Michelangelo Buonarroti, suffering from kidney stones, wrote a letter testifying to the benefits of drinking Fiuggi water. History tells that even kings, nobles, and ambassadors benefited from this miraculous water. Pope Boniface VIII also resorted to this healthy water. Other famous figures in more recent times have successfully treated themselves by drinking Fiuggi Water: from Pope Pius X to Giovanni Giolitti, from Benedetto Croce to Alcide De Gasperi. It can be said that Fiuggi Water is one of the few Italian brands with a centuries-old tradition. Even today, its benefits are recognized internationally, and the water is consumed and sold worldwide, with people coming from all over the planet to be treated at the spas. However, from a brand image perspective, there was a significant need to reclaim the values that make it unique in the world, such as efficacy, cleanliness, and well-being, to coexist with authority, authenticity, and prestige.


More than a true redesign, in this project we undertook a task more akin to that of the great Master Michelangelo when he brought forth sculpture from a block of marble. As a first step, we identified and then eliminated everything superfluous, to then give more value and visibility to everything that characterizes and makes the brand unique and distinctive, both at the Corporate and Product levels. In particular, regarding the product, a crucial step was the replacement of the previous label paper, which was very thin, absorbent, and prone to glue permeation, with one featuring a purer white and a sturdier texture to better withstand glue contact. The result is a label with a purer white capable of not only conveying wellness values more effectively but also providing strong support to the brand's primary colors, which are Pantone Reflex Blue and Red 485C. These are two strong, important, decisive colors, capable of bringing out the brand's strength and character. For both the retail and Horeca segments, slightly different versions were created. In the Horeca channel, silver paste was used. Additionally, a different version was created for a younger and more dynamic target audience: the 0.5-liter PET version, the first time Fiuggi water has ever been bottled in a material other than glass.