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Brand identity

A refined and elegant space, created by two brothers, offers a cozy and familial atmosphere with good food for breakfast or a quick lunch. It's a place to unwind and enjoy time leisurely, either alone or with company in a friendly and courteous ambiance.

the brief:

“He who starts well has done half the work” was the philosophy of the brothers Luca and Davide when they assigned neom to develop the image of their new sales point, a beautiful space near the centre of historic, touristy Verona. The business mainly focuses on the handcrafted desserts created by the chef but also extends to aperitif time. The name chosen recalls sweet feelings with a pinch of charm taken up by the careful furnishing – Chocolat.a very suggestive name needs an elegant image, able to represent a sophisticated space, with attention given to the smallest detail.


The brand starts from a signature but intends to go beyond the strong presence and personal touch of the brothers in relaunching the sales point. The care given to the smallest detail, the attention to the furnishing that blends different styles from classical to modern, connect well with the quality of the products. The design system has been developed to accompany the brand cleanly and elegantly so that it emerges delicately. The light green background gives a light representation of presence and strength combining well with the seal recounting the three hearts – Patisserie, Cafeteria and Boulangerie. The final result aims at being a gentle breath that accompanies on arrival and then through the whole day.