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"A", Nepi Water for Fine Dining. Designed for venues and people that value refined aesthetics, attention to detail and elegance in every aspect, from service to presentation. A concept study from the shape of the glass bottle to the identity, to the secondary packaging.

the brief:

What is meant by high catering? Restaurants and luxury hotels that, due to their price positioning, require each product present to be at the highest level of quality and design. Acqua di Nepi is the leader in central Italy in the EN water segment and wanted to create a new proposal in line with the values of experience, tradition and taste that characterize it and make it perfect for high-level customers. Acqua di Nepi is an ancient source whose gustatory and beneficial properties were already known in ancient Roman times. In fact, a thermal structure had been built in Nepi that was well known by Roman nobles. The water is effervescent at its source thanks to the path it takes in the volcanic soil typical of the area. It is thanks to this territory so rich that Acqua di Nepi has a unique taste perfect to accompany all the most delicious foods.This bottle has three main characteristics: 1) It is Natural Effervescent, so sparkling from birth, from the source … it is in its DNA to be effervescent, brilliant, different. 2) it is elegant, of design, destined for a top, trendy and luxury audience. 3) has a great taste, which makes it perfect to accompany the best starred dishes.


The inspiration for the solution chosen by the company comes from the Acqua di Nepi logo style, in particular the letter “A”, the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of some words that express the soul of this offer. The small and vertical label positioned like a tie enhances the elegance of the lines, creating a perfect balance between masculine and feminine. The green color of the bottle deliberately recalls the color code of the naturally carbonated natural mineral water category. The label is in silver paper.