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BRAND IDENTITY & design system

If you love amazing wine and the most beautiful Tuscany landscape, Tenute Calì is a must visit and taste location and products. Thanks to their love for the land, the Calì family restored the ancient fortress e take care of the marvellous hills where grapes grow and give their best thanks to the experience of the company wine-maker

the brief:

The “Tenute Calì” wine group is the fruit of our family’s passion for agriculture, good wine and outstanding products. It is the result of our ambition to continuously improve quality through experience obtained from harvest to harvest. In 1981, fascinated by its beauty and history, we bought one of the most ancient and noble Chianti Classico estates: Rocca di Castagnoli in Gaiole in Chianti. A farm that first belonged to the Tempi family, who enlarged it in 1730, then to Baron Ricasoli until the ‘50s. With this first acquisition, we began to implement our company mission: to create unique wines that are recognizable by their typical characteristics and respect for the surrounding area. A few years later, in 2004, we decided to return to the place where our surname has its roots, Sicily, to one of the most artistic and suitable wine areas, thanks to its beautiful Baroque heritage and to the generosity of its land. The Graffetta estate is located between Noto and Modica, home to the Baroque style and Nero d’Avola. “We were born as farmers and vine growers who know the land and the local area. Love for the land and work in the vineyard has been part of our lives for generations. Experience, dedication over the years and hard work then taught us the art of wine-making.” Proud of the work done so far, we decided to extend our presence in Tuscany and in 2005 we bought Poggio Maestrino in the Municipality of Magliano on the Maremma Coast, after falling in love with the beauty of the coast and the excellent quality of Morellino di Scansano.the new brand had to represent the passion for the land and the different territories so that its history could be perceived but at the same time with an authoritative, classic, evergreen, timeless style capable of transport the perception towards the future.


The Logotype is deliberately classic to represent history, the relationship with the past and the look towards the future. The deliberately graceful claim represents the charm, elegance and refinement that can still be found today in the taste of wines as well as in the splendid welcome in the rooms of the Rocca. The symbol represents the world that revolves around the vineyards, expressed by the lines, which live on the hills and which have a direct relationship with the sun and its rays, always visually transmitted by the same graphic line. The perception is of a whole where sun and earth come together to give life and structure to the vineyards and wines of the Rocca. The whole design system was created to support the values ​​of the brand with great elegance and above all cleanlines