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Young, modern and dynamic, Saporità is grounded in timeless values such as honesty, trust and collaboration. But within this project lies much more than mere business; there's a movement, a mindset, a desire to empower agri-food entrepreneurship to soar.

the brief:

Saporità is a new representative agency established by Mimmo Casillo. It is youthful, modern and dynamic and founded on timeless values such as honesty, trust and co-operation. There’s much more than mere business in this project, there’s a movement, a thought and a wish – help the business community to take off starting from southern Italy and then passing through the whole country. Saporità will support its clients at 360 degrees, even taking on the role of consultant. The aim is to supply the small companies it represents with services and training useful for the growth of company culture and the culture of the people in the company. This approach will allow the market to be dealt with better, developing more effective internal and external communication. “Food from small companies in Italy must conquer international markets,” is one of Saporità’s MANTRAS so the main aims of communication are Italianness, tradition and excellence arising from passion. The idea is to transmit the concept that Italian food is not only Italian but also regional. Saporità defends regional cuisine, the recipes, dreams and special stories of families and places.The brand talks to a public of SMEs in the farm produce sector, people with a bond to the product, area, and the practicality of doing. We wanted to use a reassuring, serious and open yet practical tone of voice for Saporità, finding the right balance between contemporaneity and heritage. A tone that makes people feel as though they’re in a sort of ‘safe haven’ where they can find answers to questions and help for problems.


As always, we started from an analysis of the project and the indication of the three conceptual areas expressing different points of view of the positioning. Each area requires use of a different visual language. The final choice becomes a conscious selection of the message to be transmitted. Thus, of the different options, the choice fell on the one that, from the design system point of view expresses a direct link with the area. The idea draws inspiration from the geometries of cultivated fields which convey the care, variety and skilful organisation of nature by man. In this way, we also transmit the professionalism and organisation of the service offered by Saporità. The logotype recalls the flavour with voluptuous shapes that enhance the feeling of wealth and abundance, the true centre of the best Italian food tradition, to balance the rigour of the lines. To round everything off, there is a sort of red stamp that acts symbolically as a certifier and, similarly, is a functional tool for transmitting the claim of the brand message. Use of photographs enhances the concreteness, fragrance and wonderful reality – textures, contrasts of colour, light and shade stimulate the public’s appetite appeal. *this text has been inspired by the Press Release written by Nerina Di Nunzio.