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Sapori del tempo



"Affordable doesn't mean low quality." With this conviction, the owner has requested the evolution of the brand and product range aimed at people who choose a service channel without wanting to compromise on the perceived and actual quality of the product.

the brief:

Founded in 1920 by Emilio Giraldo, Italbontà is a historic company from the province of Padua, in Veneto. Over its 101 years, it has evolved both technologically and in the manufacturing processes while remaining faithful to the taste and quality of tradition. Today, the company is run by Gabriele Giraldo, the founder’s grandson; it’s a young company in step with the times, a leader in the Veneto pork products market. The company has also been pursuing an eco-sustainability project in line with the values of respect and quality for more than 10 years. ‘Sapori del Tempo’ (lit. the flavour of the past) is the brand for specific distribution channels. Although there is great attention to the price card in this range, the products offered are always consistent with the company’s values of quality and tradition so the value must also be perceived by the brand and the products.Increase the perceived value of the ‘Sapori del Tempo’ brand with the double aim of aligning it with the quality of the product contained and raised with respect to competitors and the other products on the shelf. The new brand and product identity must transmit the close contact with tradition, hence ‘Sapori del Tempo’, yet, at the same time, do this with a fresh, contemporary style.


With reference to the logotype, and the claim “since 1910”, we’ve used three, very classic, fonts which, together, create movement and a style with strong personality. The main font has very pronounced serifs recalling elegance and the tradition of the finest pork butchery with a veiled allusion to the class of timeless craftsmanship. The illustration of a pig, drawn in a way recalling old prints, highlights the speciality thus framing and completing it. The colour used also moves in the same direction of classicism, warmth and elegance, at the same time preserving daily life. The background is in a softer, paler colour compared to the logo creating a feeling of harmony and tranquillity that, where necessary, also highlights photos or other important information.