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Chiantishire: at the heart of Tuscany lies a stunning landscape of vineyards, chestnut woods and oak forests. Here, nestled among the vineyards atop a hill, is Rocca di Castagnoli. This fortress offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty and authenticity of Tuscany.

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Rocca di Castagnoli is an old mediaeval fortress which was the origin of the hamlet of Castagnoli, a few kilometres from Gaiole in Chianti (SI) in the best area for the famous Chianti Classico. Historically, it was owned by many noble families, including the Tempi (whose coat-of-arms still represents the company) and the Ricasoli. The Calì family has taken over since 1981, implementing significant vine replanting and renovation of the buildings, wine cellar and castle, taking up the baton from the previous owners and providing continuity with the production quality of the preceding centuries. Today, the company produces wines of great personality, elegance and harmony in addition to offering hospitality in the rocca for everyone who would like to stay in the oldest part of Tuscany.Since 1981, the Rocca di Castagnoli brand range has grown in step with the elegance and quality of the wines created respecting the company values of history, high quality and local connections. However, attention to the individual wine created a problem of identity; each wine had a specific image and there was no perception of a range in line with company values.


There were three main aims for this delicate project: 1) to express clearly the brand’s core values of history, high quality and local connections; 2) to create a strong design system, able to transmit the clear and immediate familiarity of the different wines, stressing and highlighting the historic nature of the Rocca di Castagnoli brand; 3) to express the particular features and unique nature of each variant. The project started with the brand, symbol and logotype. Each element was redesigned to give authority, conserving the historic nature with a more contemporary style. The central part of the coat-of-arms regained the original colours of the Tempi family as the green tree is fresher to the eye and gives more character with the gold and red lines. We created seven illustrations with the artist Enrico Rambaldi to give more personality and value to each wine; these narrate the special features of each vine or the area where it grows. The touch of water colour delicately breaks the traditional element giving colour and helping to distinguish the variants.