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A completely Italian brand and a family-owned company that focuses on quality aimed at a broad audience. The project was born to reconnect the essence of the product with the perceived value conveyed by the brand and packaging. The brand tells the story of the wheat fields ("prai" in Venetian dialect) and continues onto the table of those who recognize the good balance between quality and price.

the brief:

The company was set up as ‘Pasta Veneta’ in north-west Italy in 1984. After acquisition by Bergi S.p.A. in 2008, it became Pasta dei Prai, from the street where the production plant stands. The company is run by the Bergamin family who want to create a brand able to offer its customers a quality product at an accessible price without renouncing the family motto “quality pays”.The construction project for the new factory in San Martino di Lupari, inaugurated in 2021, also underlined the need to work on the brand image and the range considered not to be in line with the commercial and marketing objectives.The company and brand aim at the sections of the general public looking for a good quality/price ratio so the communication aims are especially delicate: – succeed in expressing personality and character while staying sufficiently flexible and open; – speak the language of tradition while remaining consistent with the modernity, contemporaneous nature and global vision of the project; – express the quality of the final product without entering a niche; – a calm, clean, clear, direct, simple and immediate tone of voice, not only because it’s in line with the owner’s style but also to maximise the effectiveness of the communication; – show the product using the transparency of the packaging yet also making the packaging sufficiently visible and recognisable on the shelf; – create a sufficiently flexible design system for the different types of packaging (flow pack and boxes) and materials (paper, PPT and cardboard), clearly differentiating between the versions with ‘egg’ and those with ‘semolina’; – make the product appetising for versions where creating a presentation window is not possible or effective.


As the name suggests, the project originates in the fields (Prai are fields in the Veneto dialect) because quality comes from the field and the care with which the wheat is cultivated. This is the origin of the logo which shows a delicate elegance through an ultra-classic yet authoritative, graceful font. The focus is on the word ‘PRAI’ to simplify the immediacy of the contact while ‘PASTA DEI’ remains but in the background. The presence of the family is very close and linked to the brand; this is a great value that is still a guarantee of the quality of the product created for both adults and children. The different ‘reasons why’, which motivate and support the perception of quality of the whole, emerge one by one with a precise hierarchic criterion with a delicate balance of position and size. On a second level, the name of the version clear, clean and direct so that there is no room for doubt. The background takes on a pleasing colour, poised delicately between the land and the wheat, in the upper part of the background underneath the bistro logo. The illustration, skilfully created ad hoc by an expert in drawing with ink, recalls the old tradition of harvesting by hand evoking human presence.