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brand identity

A life and passion devoted to design, creating spaces that reflect owners essence. MyM’a aims to make every home a personal sanctuary. Empathy and creativity define the studio and its owner. Style, care, cleanliness and a desire to break free from predefined schemes define the brand's essence, making it the ideal choice for what is most precious to us.

the brief:

MyM'a was born from the mind and passion of Analia Edith Mendez. Passionate about architecture and interior design, she started this new business to help customers find unique solutions and ideas to create a healthy and welcoming environment in which to live or work. Based in London, MyM'a is also operational in Miami, Milan and Buenos Aires and is aimed at individuals and professionals in the sector.


The brand is new and wants to appear as such but in a delicate way and always with style. The objective is high: to reach people's hearts through a soft path made of openness, knowledge and awareness. To do this it is necessary to find the balance between authority, professionalism and light-heartedness, openness and empathy. In short: “seriousness with joy”. The name “MyM’a” comes from a play on words of the first letter of the surname Mendez. Conceptually it is a strengthening that expresses the idea of ​​"a project wanted and implemented at Mendez" that is, born from careful listening to the needs and personality of the customer. The apostrophe followed by the "a" of Architecture recalls the segment and the entire world connected to it, including, first and foremost, interior design. The style, deliberately classic evergreen, offers an elegant and modern language with a touch of joy and irony. The black and white of the logo recall the freshness and purity of the contrast warmed by the graces of the font, an explicit evocation of classicism. In a few precise signs we want to represent the heart of the offer which proposes innovative ideas while respecting the past. The height of these values ​​is colored and made lighter by the presence of multicolored stickers, which recall emotions through the colors, and texts, which playfully express the various situations through proverbs and sayings. This mix of elegance and fun does a good job of expressing Analia's nature, which manages to deal with every request in a way that is as precise and serious as it is fresh and light. The design system is sober, clean. The objective is to accompany the public in a simple and clear way, giving value to the images of the projects.