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BRAND REDESIGN & design system

A pioneer in the field, the International Coffee Tasters Institute has become a reference point in Italy and worldwide for those seeking a deep understanding of the endless universe of coffee. The project focused on realigning the brand's original innovative spirit (with 30 years of experience) with its outdated visual identity.

the brief:

IIAC - International Institute of Coffee Tasters is a non-profit association founded in 1993 with the aim of developing and disseminating a scientific method for coffee tasting. Since its inception, IIAC has conducted hundreds of courses attended by 13,000 students from over 40 countries worldwide. It is equipped with an important scientific committee that plans research to ensure innovation in the sector. Over the course of these 30 years (in 2023!), IIAC has become an international reference point for training qualified personnel in coffee tasting and evaluation. While its role has increasingly asserted itself in terms of recognized quality and awareness, becoming a leading authority in the field, its image has remained unchanged over time while new competitors have emerged internationally.


From the outset, there was a clear need to naturally evolve the brand, clearly expressing a new phase of maturity. In particular, we completely redesigned the cup symbol, rediscovering style, dynamism, elegance, and the authority necessary to assert ourselves not only in the Italian market but increasingly in the international one. Even the name, and consequently the logo, underwent an important transformational step, finding a new balance in a single, common definition valid for the entire world. The font is graceful but not exaggerated, representing care and delicacy while at the same time the freshness and understated elegance of "made in Italy." From this new brand, logos for various courses, partnerships, and masterclasses were born. Gradually, the communication language evolves and aligns with the modern and dynamic approach of the association.